“Three Point North” (2014) WAVE 9 – Pure Matt on paper mounted on Wood 1880 x 1000 mm

Endogenous Waves

WAVES is a collection of paintings developed from the early years of SPHRS’ artistic process, it is based on the SPHRS’ NO MAN’s SHORE Concept. His first work, made in 1998, was more a free experience rather than a planned step. “Recording 1998” was a first exploration into a dimension that is actually the main attitude of his artistic process.

From those early years, the process is an artistic protocol erasing layers of dependences from the environment to lead consciousness into the so called “Noosphere”: close to awaken dreams, Noosphere is the addition of endogenous manifestations, from human thoughts to collective psychosomatic convolutions, a dimension that can be crossed over by a meditation strider. Where the body is the physical manifestation of our being, our mind is his spiritual one. Mind is an antenna out of space and time that links us to everyone, everything, everywhere, anytime. This space to receive all addition of the creation is gathered into the Noosphere. Noosphere is the NO MAN’s SHORE. This is where everything we hide is loaded, a dark room that is leading us from the subconscious. A place that we have to investigate.
This protocol rose from a very selective soundscapes environment based on law frequency and sub tones to guide meditation to reduce dependences from all human activities, noise. Meditative trip brings him to some place where all human manifestation are emotionally gathered and recollected, into the form of landscapes that are not abstractions. It is pure communication without cultural or ideological frame.

In addition, as a manifesto, the NO MAN’s SHORE rejects manufactured objects to create art. Developed from the failing to build a virtuous model after the end of civilization in 1945, this process is a political statement that identifies destruction as the essence of modernity, a force of submission to carry all resources to the selfish enjoyment of one center, person or structure, it is revocation, privation, that from a holistic point of view are destruction. Using object or even symbol affected by modern culture is reproducing the process of destruction that is the cause of what Gunter Anders has called the “Dark Age”.
The NO MAN’s SHORE is the process of creation without modern attributes. It is not Romanticism, it is not Abstract Painting. No Man’s Shore emerges after Contemporary Art, from the necessity of  leaving the past behind, the symptoms of what builds the human civilization as a civilization of destruction, this is the Tabula Rasa, the expression of the beginning of a new cultural horizon, that we all have to build.
The NO MAN’s SHORE is based on the Tabula Rasa concept to define new standards to express virtuous manifestation on the assessment that civilization has failed.
The SPHRS’ process can be resumed by this general statement: “Art is intention.” And in the first year of a new aeon we have to build new standards far from the past, far from destruction.

This process is recorded in two collections: WAVES/ENDOGENE. All paintings from SPHRS are performed by following this meditative process. The artist believes he is still in the early beginning of his process, and it will be open to many different media and experiences.